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Offer your products and services to thousands of high-end corporate employees across the region as an employee benefit and experience the most rewarding "Promote & Sell" approach.

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How it works?

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122,000 Corporates across the region. 

Select the most suitable sales process.

Generate discount codes for consumers.

Set appointments for customer visits.

Directly receive group bookings and reservations.

Use our payment-approved gateway to collect payments.

Drive direct and relevant traffic to your online store.

Become an Employee Benefits Provider Today...

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Gain exceptional visibility and traction as you will be recommended to Thousands of top-end employees by their employers.

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Generate revenue by direct employee claims and purchase requests. Benefit from employer recommendations.

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Stand out against your competition who are not listed with the companies we work with.

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Benefit from the word-of-mouth that is created among employees who share their customer experience.

What we do to promote your brand

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List your product and services at an exclusive corporate rate on all the current and future employee benefits centers we run for our clients. 

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Include your products and services in a regular newsletter that is sent to all our clients and their employees twice a month.

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Feature your brand to corporate decision-makers and facilitate bulk purchases for corporate clients. 

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Give your access to ton of reports and live insights and reports of brand traction and sales.

Our solution Employee Benefits Centre (eBC) allows you to offer your products and services to thousands of corporates as Employee Benefit.

We set up a separate Employee Benefit Center for every Employer. Your brand will be listed on all of them.

Employees access their company’s Benefits Platform to purchase products and services they consume every day at a flat discounted corporate rate.


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