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New Employee Onboarding
Capture Innovation
Set and Manage Employee Goals
Change Management 
Finding Internal Gig Worker
Broadcasting Leadership Messages 
Collecting Departmental Requirements & feedback
Celebrating Performers & Promotions
Manage Benefits Eligibility and Approvals
Save on Employee Kids Schooling
Save on Training Budgets
Save on Employee Car Rentals
Celebrating Personal live Event 
Financing Employee Certifications & Post Graduate Studies
Socially Select the Right Candidate For Promotion
Disbursing Pulse Survey & Collecting Feedback
Recording Training Course Learnings
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Whitepapers and Use-cases

The ROI of Employee Experience

Explore the return on investment of employee experience solutions for your company. 

Advantages of Self-Funded Employee Benefits Programs

Self-Funded Employee Benefits are becoming commonplace among different industries - Explore. User Data security Measures

Check out our data security measures in this whitepaper. 

How Technology is Changing Employee Benefits

Using technology to deliver Employee Benefits is now a part of the new normal.

Success Stories
eBC - Case Study Pharmaceutical
MNC Pharmaceutical.
eBC - Case Study Technology (coming soon)
Regional Technology Company.
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eBC - Employee Benefits Centre

Leverage employee benefits with 2000+ benefits and 1000+ free services.

eRS - Employee Recognition System

Appreciate performers, celebrate achievements and recognize your best talent.

eEE - Employee Engagement Ecosystem

Engage Employees as they benefit! Measure what motivates your workforce and change how people collaborate at work.

eCW - Employee Collaboration Workspace

Connect, align, motivate and empower employees with eCW. Develop your employee experience to drive extraordinary business results.


eCS - Consulting Services

We help employers develop employee engagement strategies.

New Client Onboarding - Implementing 
Onboarding Check List
Download our simple client onboarding checklist and get it right from the first time. 
Sample Project Charter
Who gets involved in an implementation? It is vital to the success of an initiative that involves implementing one of our solutions to select the suitable resources who have can manage this change we bring an organization. This document gives a high-level understanding of the typical project charter. 
Instance Branding
Check out our guide on how to best brand your instance internally to improve employee experience and ensure employee traction. 
Sample Email to invite Employees to name an eBC instance
Invite your Employees to participate in naming your eBC instance. 
Sample Email to invite Employees to vote for an eBC instance name
Invite your Employees to participate in naming your eBC instance name. 
Download eBC - service launching communication email sample -1
This email should be sent to all users upon service launch. 
Download eBC - service launching communication email sample -2
This email should be sent to all users upon service launch. 
eBC - Employee frequently asked questions [comming soon]
Download Employee frequently asked questions. This is a template that you can make your own. 
Download User Terms and Conditions Amendments Sample
You can amend the standard T&C by creating a Service Request. 
eEE - Employee frequently asked questions
Common User Questions for the Employee Engagement Ecosystem. 
Download sample Data Collection Sheet
Submit your data collection sheet should take place by creating a Service Request through your instance. Contact your Customer Success Manager to find out more information about creating a Service Request.
Mass-Upload User Data
Step-by-step Guide to Upload your User Data
Instance Setup Document
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Operational Form to request assigning a new Client Instance Administrator. 
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