Employee Benefits Centre (eBC)
Information Hub
The Employee Benefits Centre Information Hub has a number of resources that will help know more about the product. Browse product information for the latest and planned features of the platform. Product Demonstrations shows how the platform behaves for different types of users. Information Technology lists all the technical requirements need to host your eBC instance within your Information Technology Ecosystem. Whitepapers are articles that give you a deeper dive into feature details. 
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Product Information
eBC Value Proposition V4.6
eBC Data Sheet
Instance Administration Features
SEM Implementation Methodology (Check List)
Employee Experience Demonstrations
Employee (User) Login Experience
Employee (User) Dashboard
User Service Request
Benefit Request
Manage Employee Wallet
Publish Information Centre Articles
Administrator Demonstrations
Update Instance Branding
Client Administrator Dashboard 
Maintain Employees (Users)
Upload Employee
Manage Work Structures
Update Employee Reporting Line
Manage Benefit Eligibility
Manage Benefit Claims Approval Workflow
Manage Employer Funds
Generate Transaction Reports
Information Technology
Information Technology Due-diligence Checklist. 
eBC - Data Security
How Technology is changing Employee Benefits
Advantages of Self-Funded Employee Benefits Programs
HR Questions and Answers for Employee Benefits
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