eBC-200 Partner Listing

Benefits Provider Listing

Product Code


Fee Model

Yearly Subscription Per Instance.


$300 Per User Per Year

Provisioned Users

1 Supplier Administrator

Product Features

  • Maintain 1 Supplier (Partner) account.

  • Maintain 1 Supplier Administrator account.

  • 2 free revisions of Supplier Partner Page. 

  • List Partner branded page on every Benefit. 

  • Access Supplier Administrator Dashboard.

  • Eligibility to request listing new Benefit listing for a year.

Minimum Prerequisites

  • Registered Business

  • Eligibility to offer goods or services promised at the countries of benefit listing. 

  • Having a valid email address for the Supplier Administrator. 

  • Acceptance of eBen.work solutions terms and conditions as a Benefits Supplier. 

Services included

  • Partner data collection. 

  • Partner complete data upload.

  • Deliver 1 remove online Supplier Administrator orientation session. 

  • Access to supplier Support according to eBen.work Support Service Level Agreement. 

  • Generate quarterly traffic and Transactions report.