eBC-210 Benefit Listing

Benefit Listing

Product Code


Fee Model

Subscription Per Benefit Listing Per Year.


  • $550 Per Benefit Listing Per Year +VAT.

  • Additional 5% on transaction if listing is for payment collection.

Provisioned Users


Product Features

  • List 1 product or service on the Employee Benefits Centre for a year as an Employee Benefit.

  • Offer the Benefit for a year at an exclusive discount to an open number of consumers.

  • List a maximum of 5 pictures or illustrations for the product. 

  • List product or service specs and details to explain to customers what it consists of.

  • Avail a number of ways for consumers to claim, request or buy the product. 

  • Maintain an inventory of items to be consumed by the customer. 

  • Generate Available to Promise email to the Supplier Administrator when the critical number of units has been reached for replenishment by the Supplier. 

  • Send a fulfillment order to the Supplier Administrator every time a transaction is conducted. 

  • Send a confirmation of service delivery to customer for every transaction. 

  • Allowed 1 change to the benefit details. 


  • Provider has to have a valid eBen.work Supplier account. 

  • Registered Business

  • Eligibility to offer goods or services promised at the countries of benefit listing. 

  • Having a valid email address for the Supplier Administrator. 

  • Acceptance of eBen.work solutions terms and conditions as a Benefits Supplier.