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Consulting Services
We develop employee engagement strategies.

Whether you want a one-day facilitated session to jump-start an initiative or an ongoing measure and improvement model, we can help. consulting services provide unique and effective best practice models for improving your employee engagement. 

We can work with you to:

  • Design and deliver an effective Employee Engagement survey (and analyze the results)

  • Develop a communication strategy that improves alignment

  • Create a culture of high performance

  • Increase innovation and creativity in the workplace

  • Design and deliver targeted training initiatives

Based on a 6 – 12 month time frame, Consulting Services eCS offers a full-service ‘fitness plan’ to help you develop a successful engagement culture at your organization.  This menu-driven program provides the key components of employee engagement that are appropriate for your organization.   And the best part is, you get to select what’s right for you! Choose from a variety of topics and tools including:

  • Create an Employee Value Proposition

  • Conduct and Evaluate an Employee Engagement Survey

  • Facilitate a High Impact Teaming Workshop

  • Engage First-Line Managers to Increase Engagement

  • Accelerate Team Development

  • Implement a Change Management Process

  • Leverage Social Media and Tri-Branding

  • Build Alignment through a Communication Protocol

  • Develop Effective Reward and Compensation Plans

  • Recruit and Hire the Right Candidates

  • Create a Micro-Learning Culture

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