eEE-001 Employee (User) Subscription

Employee Engagement Ecosystem

Product Code


Fee Model

Yearly Subscription Per User (Employee)


$50 Per User Per Year

Provisioned Users

1 User - Min 25 users.

Product Features

  • Separate While-labeled parameterized instance for one employer.

  • The minimum number of users is 25 user.

  • All users can access a wide range of products and services offered as employee benefits. 

  • All employee benefits are offered at an exclusive discount rate.

  • Update employee benefits center look and feel that matches the employer branding.

  • Users can request listing of new benefits. 

  • The client administrator can manage employee benefit eligibility.

  • Create employer's specific benefits and discounts.

  • Maintain employer approval processes for your employee benefits and discount cleaning process.

  • Subsidize employee benefits as required. 

Services included

  • Free setup of employer instance

  • Free maintenance of employer instance

  • Functional Support as per support service level agreement.

  • 1-time basic data upload of min 25 users. 

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