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Can I Subscribe to as an individual?

We provide our services exclusively to corporate employees. Users can't subscribe individually to our services because the deals that has concluded with all our Partners and Benefits Providers are designed to offer the maximum discount possible and to corporates employees only. No matter the company size, our benefits are designed to be part of an overall operational model. Click Here to request creating a corporate account for your company today.

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Can I Subscribe to as an individual?

What's a benefit?

A Benefit by definition is a product or service offered to you on your company's Employee Benefits Centre that powered by All these products and services are offered at an exclusive corporate rate and this is considered an employer Benefit offered to their employees only. 

All Benefits are offered exclusively to users and members. Benefits come in two forms: Free Benefits and Paid Benefits.


Free Benefits 
These benefits can be free services that Benefits Providers are offering on the Benefits Centre, or, they can be a discount voucher code that you can use to get the defined discounted rate you can find on the platform. Free Benefits don’t require you to pay anything to consume them. Once you “Claim” a Benefit, you will get an email detailing how to consume it. This depends on the nature of the Benefit; some benefits will require you to install a mobile App and the discount voucher can be used to receive the discounted percentage mentioned on the benefit. 


Paid Benefits
Paid Benefits are the ones that you have to use your Credit Card or (in some cases) your Employee Wallet to pay before you can consume it. Note, all Benefits are offered at an exclusive corporate rate. So, you can enjoy the same product or service at an exclusive price offered only to you on the Employee Benefits Centre. 

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What is a benefit?

Who pays for my Benefits Purchase?

The User (Employee) is always responsible for settling the payment required. Transactions are considered a personal purchase and invoices are automatically addressed to the User (Employee). Employers can subsidize Benefits as per their internal operational policies. These policies can be set up on the Benefits Centre as required.  

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Who Pays for my Benefits

Is Employee Benefits Centre eBC a free service?

No, it is not. We have different ways to engage with a company (employer). eBC consumption is based on user subscription per year mode. It is 100% free of charge of Employers including instance provisioning, parametrization, and Employee (user) data upload. Billing takes place on the Employee level. Only Employees who wish to consume the service will get charged per family membership per year. The subscription fee depends on the number of users subscribing form one company. 


In addition, we provide effective and easy solutions for companies who wish to subsidize it for their Employees. 

Click Here to create a company account today. 

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Is Employee Benefits Centre eBC a free service

What is a Benefit Request?

A "Benefit Request" is a great tool that allows the user to request listing new benefits that are not listed on the Employee Benefits Centre.  If you can’t find what you need on the current Benefits offerings, you can request your own benefits and we will contact the benefit provider and get you an exclusive deal for you and your beneficiaries. Benefits Requests can include almost anything starting from schools, nurseries, leisure activities, travel destinations, training courses or household services. You name it!


It is not 100% guaranteed that we will be able to conclude a corporate deal for all Benefit Requests. But, we will make sure that all are attended to. 


What happens after creating a Benefit Request? We will be contacting the mentioned supplier (provider) as soon as possible for an exclusively discounted corporate rate for the product or service listed in the request. You will be able to follow the progress on your very personal Benefit Request Page. You will be informed via email when the Benefit has been concluded.


Depending on the nature of the requested product or service, contracting with suppliers for an exclusively discounted corporate rate may take different time durations. We preserve a strict Supplier Selection Process. So, we do not commit to a time frame to deliver this corporate deal. Yet, we promise we will act on it promptly.

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What is a Benefit Request

Who are the Benefits Providers?

We handpick our partners across categories to enlist their services on our portal. Each product or service on the portal is listed as a "Benefit" across categories like Health and Wellness, Education, Home & Family, Training and Coaching, etc and more for the corporates to consume from their own company portal directly.  We are an operational tool, hence, we work with partners and suppliers who provide corporate rates (Annual) on all their products. We do not work on commercial programs like short term discount offers such as buy 1, get 1 free etc...


That is why we don't advertise about our partners; yet, a sample list can be furnished upon request. 

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Who are the Benefits Providers
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