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ePN Sales - Benefit Vendor FAQs


Q: What are the plans available ePN listing subscription plans?



Based on your needs marketing budgets and service delivery capacity, we offer a number of plans that suit every business and every category. 

ePN Plus: A fixed setup fee plus a pay-as-you-go per benefit claim. This plan is available with 10 complementary benefit claims. 

ePN Unlimited: No setup fee. You only pay a fixed subscription per benefit listing per year. Your brand can get an unlimited number of claims.

ePN Promote: When you are listed on either the ePN Plus or the ePN Unlimited, your brand is eligible for a listing to run a bespoke marketing campaign with a defined target audience and defined activities. 


Q: How do Users know about the listing of my brand on their company discount platforms?




The Engagement Newsletter: A f

eBen Collective Events and Webenars: No 

Client Internal Communications: W

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