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Growth Associates Program

Learn by Achievement​


Program Overview


eBen GAP is a non-paid 4-month development and selection internship program that will enable you to get full-time employment with eBen or with one of its sister companies. The program is your main gate to joining the company as a full-time employee.


Utilizing the program, we are selecting the top candidates to be offered an employment contract within the company or with one of our sister companies. The program is an avenue that allows us to practically evaluate you as an individual and allows you to have on-job training taking your skills and competencies to the next level. You can view GAP as a learning gurney where you learn by achievement.

About the eBen Team

eBen is a technology start-up based out of Dubai UAE. Our unique solution is designed to leverage employee engagement for our clients. Currently, we are working with 100’s partners and providers and availing our services to thousands of employees across the region. 

We are a small and energetic team with a common mission. We, simply, work hard and play Hard. We learn and enjoy learning every day at work. We share the same drive. We work out of 5 countries in three different contents and we never lose focus of what units not what separates us. We operate openly and share more than we hide. Customers are always the focus of all that we do. This is what makes us not only successful but also a team who can achieve things many might see as “next to impossible”.

The first step to success in GAP is to gear up, tune in, and be one of “US”. We are eBen…

Program Components

The Program components are designed to help you make the best out of the program. There are four main components:

Onboarding the enablement (1 week) This is the initial week of the program. The objective of this week is to equip you with enough tools and information that will help you deliver better during the program. You get a deep dive into eBen Mission, Vision, Strategy, Operations, Business Model, and Value Proposition to Partners and Clients.

Skill development sessions (15 sessions) Attend 15 skill development training sessions (from 1 to 3 hours each) to develop your skills in areas most needed for developing your career. These sessions are delivered on weekly basis. The program is designed to help you utilize these skills in your tasks and program activities. Your active preparation and participation will be part of your final evaluation. 

Functional Capacities (15 weeks) You will need to select only one functional capacity to participate in and deliver results based on set objectives. There are five functional capacities that you can select and participate in: Strategic Initiatives, Market Development, Client Success, Partner Growth, and Content Development.

The Side Project (at least one successful project is required) The side project is an initiative assigned to you and you are required to manage it as an individual project and deliver on it and achieve results on your own.  Side Projects are announced for selection at the beginning of each GAP Program. 


What happens after completing the program?

After completing the program successfully, you will be evaluated based on the following three dimensions: 

  • Team achievement contributions. 

  • Individual goal achievements. 

  • Observed competencies and consistent behavior indicators.  

Based on the assessment result, you will be offered one of the following: 

  1. Program completion Certificate based on program duration completion.  

  2. An option to join the next GAP program if we see that your performance deserves a second chance.  

  3. Full-time job with eBen or with one of our sister companies in the function that best suits your skills and competencies.  This should be your basic goal for attending the program.

Your performance during the program

During your participation in the Program, you should show us the best you have, what you are capable of and what you can bring to eBen. As we are selecting the best talents to join us and our sister companies and partners, we expect you to be:

  • A firm believer in our mission and value proposition to the market and channel your efforts to materialize it and communicate it across various channels.  

  • An objective-oriented individual who is driven by achievement.  

  • Organized with a clear ability to prioritize, plan and execute.  

  • Proactive and take the initiative whenever you can to help our clients and partners. 

  • Committed and punctual. 

  • A great team player who can put team achievements before personal achievements.  

  • Fast learner who can develop all the time.  

  • Effective communicator and presenter who can formulate ideas and communicate them efficiently.

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