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why become a benefit provider?

eBen Partner Network

We work closely with Benefit Providers and partners to ensure they achieve their business objectives. Our team is dedicated to your success. we engage with Partners on three dimensions.


Partner Selection Program

We are always happy to work with new partners. We Support the Partner Growth Team to recruit and engage the most effective partners who can fuel our benefits center solution eBC. We are always excited to get recommendations from our Clients and Partners alike.


Partner Onboarding

We believe that effective Partner onboarding when they sign up as an eBC Benefits Provider partner is key to their success. Collecting the right and complete information and collateral can pave the way for a better presentation of their products and services. Our team guides Partners and Suppliers in many places across the world through the Partner Onboarding Journey.


Partner Success Program

As our basic mission, Partner Success is always based on nurturing a proactive long-term relationship with all our Partners and giving them fair and equal opportunities. During their tenure, we conduct regular meetings with our Partners to measure and continuously improve their achievements and tune their Partner and Benefits listings on eBC

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