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At eBen, we believe that an employee often gives the best of themselves to a company that seeks to serve its employees both inside and outside of the workplace. People should benefit from their job every day and, through these benefits, feel proud of the company that helps them accomplish career and life goals. 

Based out of the UAE, we are serving thousands of happy employees across the region. We strive every day to help companies find ways to serve employees by offering an advantage and a reward for hard work and commitment to their employer.


We provide comprehensive, secured managed software solutions that help companies serve their employee’s needs through an all-inclusive platform of employee-centric engagement utilities. 


For an ever-growing employee purchasing power, we handpick our vendors, partners, and employee benefits providers. All of our business partners and suppliers are giving eBen members access to exclusive discount rates. Vendors have different discount rates depending on the nature of the product or service they offer. eBen has agreed with all of them to offer their products or services at their best exclusive discount or the same prices as their largest accounts. This means that our customers and their employees pay the same per unit as the biggest companies in the region no matter the company size. 

We don't want to be the best in the world.

We want to be always the best for the world. 

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