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Real savings for your people  

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Join thousands of corporates engaging their people and boosting their people's experience every day.


Boost your Employer Branding


Your Engagement Benefit Centre offerings are designed to suit different income levels. You will be able to offer something for everyone. Both enterprises and SMEs find it a real people engagement tool. 

Provide Benefits like the best employers.

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| Over 4,000+ benefits, discounts and deals.


|  Save up to  $90,000+ per user.

|  1,000+ free benefits.

|  Exclusive discounts.

|  Benefit eligibility management.

|  Regular Benefits Newsletter.

Main Features

Perfect for companies and small teams who wish to provide benefits to their people like multinational companies. 


Exclusive Corporate Rates

Access thousands of corporate deals offered by local and internatioan Benefit Vedors. 


Unlimited Discount Claims

Offer your people endless brands, products, and services with unlimited number of discount claims.


Family Coverage

Scale your care and offer your people discounts and exclusive rates for your people, their families and loved ones. 


Reward Performers

Subsidies Benefits to reward performers and celebrate achievers.  


New Discounts... Always

Built-in functions and workflow allowing your people to request adding the new discounts they need.


Engagement Newsletter

Keep everyone informed and engaged with the Bi-weekly engagement newsletter.

Because everyone is different!
Empower your people to make decisions on how to spend their money.

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eBC lets your people pick and choose the benefits they want.

For one benefit or many, simplifying management and centralizing your processes.

Everything is in one place.

How it works?
Fast, simple, and rewarding. We support you all the way.


Create your corporate eBC account 

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your company instance

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Benefit your people and generate insights 

Real-time Reporting Analytics

The eBC is equipped with lots of tools and analytical real-time reports that let you measure and evaluate benefit consumption and interactions. 

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People Engagement Guaranteed

Join hundreds of Employers experiencing evident improvements for people engagement after introducing the eBC to their workforce.    

Over 80%

of your employees will find a benefit on your Benefits Centre that is interesting and engaging to them. 

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Over 70%

of your employees will visit your benefits center at least once per month. 

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Over 60%

of your employees will recommend your company as an EMPLOYER OF CHOICE.

Make it part of your company's DNA
Empower your workforce to build a culture that embraces
growth within the organization.

My Company takes care of
My family welfare
My financial wellness
My kid's education
My leisure activities
My hobbies & interests
My physical wellness
My life events

I am growing within my company

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At work, I can
Develop my skills
Collaborate easier with collagues
Learn new things every day
Share my ideas
Celebrate with my team
Get informed when needed
Save on almost everything

I am growing within my company

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Why Build Your People Engagement Asset?

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Scale your care with a differentiating initiative that doesn't break the bank. 

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