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Real savings for SMEs  

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Engage your People as they benefit every day no matter your company size. 

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The best way to start your eBC experience.


|  Suitable for Start-Ups and SMEs.

|  Fast implementation with guided Self-Service tools.

|  Get access to all listed benefits and discounts. 

|  Simple to manage white-labeling functions. 

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Why Build Your People Engagement Asset?

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Join thousands of corporates engaging their people and boosting their experience every day.

eBC Standard Features

Perfect for SMEs and small teams who wish to provide benefits to their people like multinational companies. 


Exclusive Corporate Rates

Access thousands of corporate deals offered by local and internatioan Benefit Vedors. 


Unlimited Discount Claims

Offer your people endless brands, products, and services with unlimited number of discount claims.


Family Coverage

Scale your care and offer your people discounts and exclusive rates for your people, their families and loved ones. 


Seamless Implementation

Guided simplefied implemenation. dispatch access rights to all your people in 24 hours.  


Self-Service User Onboarding

Self-Service User Onboarding Process that ensures the best User Experience for your people. 


Engagement Newsletter

Keep everyone informed and engaged with the Bi-weekly engagement newsletter.

eBC - Standard

Engage your people everywhere and every day. Because your People matter no matter your company size or number of employees.

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